released January 25, 2019


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Friend of all the World Montréal, Québec

Indie folk-rock five-piece Friend of All the World formed around a Craigslist classified posted by singer-songwriter Robert Cole in 2010. The improbable ensemble has since been cultivating their signature eclectic sound, which has taken a raw and vital turn in their latest and third album called “Rue-St-Louis”. ... more

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Track Name: Half Life
It's a half life going up
Alright, it's a half life
A half life going down again
It's a half life
Take a deep breath count to ten
Jump off, do a jack-knife
You're halfway to the next place
Fall and you land
In a half life
Let it go

Some men go and go
Right off from the start
Others turn and fall into the sky
Some men wait to take the hammer blow
The hammer falls, shall we close out eyes
And fall where we land
We land where we land
In a half life
We land where we land
Track Name: The Buzz
Do not tell me you are beaten
I was beaten long before you
Do not say how you are weakened
We're all weakening each day we're in here

Go now show us it's electric
How with all this electricity out here
Where it rises up concentric
Where it rides heliocentric
Where it rises over us
They've been beaten back on Broad Street
They'll be beaten by the buzz

No don't show us where it deepens
There are demons in the sky
Pull your hair back off your shoulder
I have looked over your shoulder
We have waited for some time
They were beaten back on Broad Street
They'll be beaten by the buzz
Now we're warm inside out blankets
Now you're warm inside of us
Track Name: Daytime TV
There's here, there's this
And not to be remiss there is everything that exists
It exists on daytime TV
I fall into the scene
Lifelike I live onwards behind the screen
Every day, it gets the better of me

Now I see the postgirl
Carrying her letters
The golden sun unfurling all its petals
But no she won't stop
Letters to stack and drop
Somewhere better than this

There's always somewhere better than this
Look at that Pelican
He's always harbouring something
Like us Americans
Always harbouring something
We're always harbouring something

But on daytime TV we're just passersby
Like golden jets across flats of alkali
With our golden girls, we are golden guys
We roll like holy rollers
And I'm a big baller,
Not a dude with a stroller
And now I'm five inches taller
I've got a houndstooth coat
And I pop up the collar and go

It's OK to want to wash that grey
Only $9.95, just give a call today
Professional driver zooming down the track
Take the blue pill to get your life back
Fibre schmibre taste is where it's at
Get the fish flavour if you want a happy cat
More fresh and minty than all those other brands
Nothing is as friendly as our own tar sands
Look ten years younger
Beat world hunger
These wipers are the shizzle
For the lightning and the thunder
It's a new solution for air pollution
Join us in the ranks of the mascara revolution
Track Name: Contact
Night when the lights peering into the dark
Over our yard and over the yard
Time when the lights reappeared in the dark
Over the air and over our bodies they come
Oh for our bodies

And wait till the silence draws over our beds
Over our heads and over our heads
Sight down a line moving over the wood
Over our hood and over our bodies

We tamp down the blood
That flows in from the heart
Wait till the part the skin meets the dart
Lock in the kids and pull over the car
Daddy won't go far
Now only my body remains

They come, they come
And only my body remains

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